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Do you wake up tired every day? Find out why

Do you wake up tired every day? Find out why



Few hours of sleep can mess up our entire organism. Sleep is a mandatory and vital biological function, crucial for the physical and emotional well-being, and to avoid premature ageing.

Insufficient sleep can cause hormone production chaos. It deregulates GH (growth hormone), decreases leptin production (which could cause weight gaining), increases cortisol (the stress hormone), and diminishes sexual hormones.

“Furthermore, sleep is highly associated with immunologic system recovery processes. Sleep deprivation in a healthy adult could lead to biological responses similar to the body fighting off an infection. Persistent sleep deprivation can cause significative mood oscillations, erratic behaviour, hallucinations, and, in extreme situations, still rare, death,” explains Geraldo Rizzo, coordinator at the Moinhos de Vento Hospital’s Sleep Disorders Center.

Beauty Sleep

There is no point in using top-shelf face creams if you don’t rest well. When we sleep, the skin recovers from all damage endured during the day. Several scientific studies have proved skin health damages caused by lack of sleep. Among them are premature ageing and little ability to maintain good hydration levels.

The good part is that this is the best time for treatments to take effect. “It is at night that all cell regeneration and reorganization occur, as basal metabolism is lower. During our resting hours, the body repairs cells, and biomolecules in every organ, including the skin,” explains dermatologist Claudia Marçal, member of the American Academy of Dermatology. One reason for her to suggest investing in night creams. Don’t forget to remove well all makeup before applying the product. Another tip is to use a soft fabric pillowcase for gentle skin touch.

What is good sleep?

The number of sleeping hours depends on age and individual characteristics. “It is seen as ideal for the adult population to sleep from seven and a half to eight and a half hours per night,” advises doctor Rizzo. But each case is to be individually analyzed. If you wake up feeling well rested and do not get sleepy during the day, your sleep is good. However, if you tend to have difficulty waking up and feel drowsy during the day, you are probably not getting enough sleep.

Sleep hygiene

You need to create a sleep ritual. Your brain needs to understand it is time to rest. “One main change is behaviour the sense of considering sleep as a priority. It is paramount to set a time to go to sleep and a time to wake up, time for meals, and progressive relaxation at night, avoiding electronic devices,” teaches Rizzo.

using your smartphone at night can impair your sleep

Enemies of a good night’s sleep



Heavy meals at night, especially protein-based

Black tea, green tea, and mate tea before bed

Alcoholic beverages at night

Artificial lights, in particular, cellphone’s and tablet’s blue lights

Aerobic exercises at night

Friends of a good night’s sleep

A dark and quiet room

Relaxing exercises at night, such as tai-chi and yoga

Tryptophan-rich foods, such as dairy products, chickpea, banana, oatmeal, and dark-green leaves

Chamomile tea before bed



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