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Your tattoos need attention

Your tattoos need attention

00Choosing the shape, the size, the colors, the line style, body part, the artist. There are many steps preceding the decision to get a tattoo. Once chosen, your only concern should be keeping it well-treated.

I have two tattoos, one that I got 11 years ago, and the other, nine. I always take some time to care for them.

The most important is shielding withsunscreen. The ultraviolet rays hit the skin and cause the pigments to reabsorb, leaving an aspect of faded colors and less intense black. So, even if you’re in the city and not protecting the body with sunscreen, remember to apply it to the tattooed areas. I use at least FPS 60 body sunblock.Other than protecting, keeping the skin hydrated is crucial.

The colors are vibrant for longer, and a good skin condition helps to achieve a better result. The softer and more elastic the skin, the brighter and vivid the tattoo. Opt for a hypoallergenic moisturizer, which is less likely to cause a reaction in the area.


Also, regular retouches are advisable, particularly for colored ones. I retouched both of mine three years later, which I found has enhanced their durability. But pigment touch-upsare an option, not always necessary. It has more to do with individual taste. Many people may enjoy the faded look – and some designs are expressly prettier with an aged aspect.


There’s more to come!

I like tattoos so much that I’m preparing to get the thirdone (probably on my lower leg), but I want to get many more! I’m not scared of regretting it, as if I ever grow tired and decide I don’t want them anymore, removing techniques are increasingly efficient, safe, and granting great results.


Photography DA & Istockphoto, Illustration Istockphoto